Flavored Body Oils Trio - Natural Sweetsation Skincare

Flavored Body Oils Trio

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Natural Sweetsation bundle of fun offers more tasteful pleasures.A gift-ready combination of three delicious, lick-able, suckable and absolutely indulgent oils for incredible hands (and lips)-on sexy.


About this product: 

Natural Sweetsation is safe for all skin types and give a natural lubricate to the skin. To enjoy every pleasurable moment with no worries this product is completely free of parabens,alcohols,petroleums,synthetics and phenoxyethanol, making it safe to enter the body. Natural Sweetsation flavored Oils are 100% organic and food grade quality. Tested on family and friends. Never on animals. 

What to expect:The best part, however, is that the warming effect intensifies with mouth-to-skin contact, meaning that any kiss or lick will spark every sense of smell and taste. Natural Sweetsation flavored oil is non-sticky.The oil has felt most incredible when in contact with erogenous zones like my vagina and nipples, but the warming sensation also feels nice on any part of the body and a little goes a long way.

Package Contains: Eve's Candy Apple, Taste the Rainbow and Bubble Gum

Clean ingredients like organic coconut oils, food grade vegetable glycerin, natural sweetener(stevia) and Distilled water. 


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